Hello! I'm a designer/developer based in San Francisco Bay Area. I work for EdSurge. For Japanese readers: 日本語ブログはこちら!

Fun Facts:

  • I blog on Medium.
  • My Twitter handle is @chibicode. So is my GitHub. I also have LinkedIn. You can email me at shu@chibicode.com.
  • My most read post is "React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By" (600+ pts on HN).
  • I was born and raised in Japan. I moved to the U.S. when I was 12 and have attended Carnegie Mellon University. I had interned at Apple and Facebook and worked at Palantir and Quora before joining EdSurge.
  • The animated GIF above is from a popular Japanese TV show (日本のジレンマ) which aired on New Year's Day 2016. They found me through my Japanese blog and invited me as a pundit, even though I had no idea what I was saying.

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