2014 Travel Log

30 Dec 2014

Here are the cities I visited in 2014:

January 2014

  • Hokkaido, Japan — Went to Kiroro Ski Resort.
  • Truckee, CA — Company Lake Tahoe ski trip, except there was no snow.

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24 Dec 2014


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26 Nov 2014

この記事はPatrick McKenzieさんが2014年11月7日に投稿されたDoing Business in Japanという記事の和訳である。世界的なギークコミュニティーのHacker Newsでは異例の800ポイント以上を獲得したが、はてブを見る限り日本では殆ど読まれていないようなので、日本語の練習がてら翻訳することにした。むろんPatrickさんの承諾は得ているし、彼は日本語も堪能なので、一通り拙訳にも目を通してもらった。

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Anyone Can Lead

12 Oct 2014

If you haven’t watched these three videos of Jack Ma, cofounder of Alibaba and currently China’s richest man, do so now:

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There was No Real Sacrifice

10 Oct 2014

From Jony Ive’s interview at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment conference:

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No Jony, You're Just Really Vain

10 Oct 2014

From Jony Ive’s interview at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment conference:

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Photos from My Portland Trip

10 Oct 2014

Last weekend, I was in Portland for the first time. I had a few reasons for the visit:

  • Design Week Portland was on from Oct. 4-11.
  • I currently live near San Francisco, where the cost of living is sky-high. I’m unmarried now, but there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to raise my kids here. As of today, Portland is half as cheap (or even less) in terms of housing. Austin and Las Vegas are also my top choices. Berlin would be nice if I manage to get a visa.
  • Portland has some tech companies I admire: Simple, Quickleft (Makers of Sprint.ly), and Panic (Makers of Coda and others).
  • Portland has some engineers and designers I admire, and all of whom work remotely. I strongly believe that being remote is the future of work, and Portland seems to attract those who think so too.
  • A round-trip ticket from SF to Portland was $136.

Overall, I really enjoyed Portland. It helped that the weather was nice (Portland is known for gray skies, except for Summer and early Fall). I’m going to share some of the photos I took along the way.

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I Managed to Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper

23 Sep 2014

At some point in the last few months, I was following just three accounts on Twitter: @Bitcoin, @coindesk, and @BTCFoundation. I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin, and following these accounts seemed like a good place to start, given that I waste so much time on Twitter.

But there were two flaws with my decision. First, I never quite understood Bitcoin. Second, I wasn’t actively learning. It was just mindless news reading.

A few months passed by, and I finally took some action to solidify my understanding of Bitcoin. How? Well, I have a CS degree, and the little computer scientist inside me had been screaming:

If you want to claim you understand Bitcoin, you must read the original Satoshi Nakamoto paper!

So I printed out the paper, took a selfie, and read it. It was surprisingly a quick read. I’m leaving my notes here in case someone finds them helpful.

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Jekyll: the Confusing Parts for Non-Programmers

09 Aug 2014

I love Jekyll. I’ve been using it since version 0.11, before there were million other static site generators. I love it so much that I bought a sticker on Stickermule. Of course, this blog is powered by Jekyll.

Recently, I’ve been helping my girlfriend develop a new Jekyll theme. She currently works as a designer in Tokyo and hasn’t done much coding besides HTML, CSS, and some jQuery. I taught her basics of Jekyll a year ago, and although she had built a Jekyll theme then, she has forgot many of the little details.

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06 Nov 2013



Mark Zuckerberg氏(Facebook創業者)、Jack Dorsey氏(Twitter創業者)、Phil Libin氏(Evernote創業者)ら超有名人の話を聞くことができ、どのセッションもなかなか楽しめたのだが、わたしがいちばん聞き入ってしまったのはBalaji Srinivasan氏の講演だった。


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