Shu Uesugi

2014 Travel Log

Here are the cities I visited in 2014:

January 2014

  • Hokkaido, Japan — Went to Kiroro Ski Resort.
  • Truckee, CA — Company Lake Tahoe ski trip, except there was no snow.

March 2014

  • Austin, TX — My second SXSWEdu.

July 2014

  • Tokyo, Japan — 3 weeks

September 2014

  • Stockholm, Sweden — My first visit to Scandinavia! Really pretty city. (Photos)
  • Venice, Italy — Too many tourists. People actually spoke pretty good English. (Photos)
  • Berlin, Germany — Loved it. Full of young creatives and cheap everything. Attended CSSConf EU. (Photos)

October 2014

  • Portland, OR — My new favorite city in the US. People were really nice. THe only thing people seem to complain are the weather and lack of diversity. (Photos)

November 2014

  • Chicago, IL — First time ever in Chicago. It’s a huge, hipster, yet humble city in the Midwest. Chicago suburbs looked a lot like Pittsburgh’s (I was there for college). Cold as hell though.

December 2014

  • Vancouver, BC — My second time in Vancouver. Downtown is really pretty during the Christmas season.
  • Whistler, BC — Tagged along with my girlfriend, who was attending SmashingConf. Tried to snowboard but there was no snow.
  • Tokyo, Japan — Roppongi had gorgeous illuminations. (Photos)
  • Wakayama, Japan — Saw my grandparents.
  • Osaka, Japan — Saw my grandparents and relatives.

Plans for 2015?

I don’t plan on traveling much in 2015, but I’d love to visit:

  • New Orleans, LA - Never been. Hoping to attend NOLA Jazz Fest in May.
  • Victoria, BC - Never been. Planning for a visit in Spring or Summer 2015.