Shu Uesugi

Etymology Notes by chibicode, Part 1

1/ Some notes from Shoichi Yamanami’s English etymology book:

2/ kap (= grab stuff) is the origin of keep and have (kap≈hap). Has latin form cap (capture). Also capcip (anticipate) and cup (occupy).

3/ Also, capceive, cept, ceit (receive, accept, receipt). Ex+cap=escape. Capital=captured livestock. cap also means “head” (captain).

4/ Origin of “get” → ghend, which came from hand, so get = “grab w/ hand.” Also: ghend became prehendo, origin of apprehend (arrest).

5/ Latin deg (touch and pick something up) became tag (contagious, integral), tak (take), tach (contact, touch).

6/ Pay attention to edit distance in pronunciation. ped means “foot”. p/f and d/t are similar sounds, so ped → fet → feet → foot (e ↔ o).

7/ ped (= foot): pedestrian, impede (obstruct). More consonant/vowel changes: pedpod: tripod, podium. pedpetpatpas: pass, pace.

8/ More inflections (changing the end of a word): t becomes ch, such as capturecatch, portporch (entrance), feetfetch.