Shu Uesugi

Etymology Notes by chibicode, Part 2

1/ ling means linen. n/g can swap, so linglign: align, line (a linen string forms a line). More swaps: perpre, porpro, werwre.

2/ linglanglong (b/c a string is long), origin for tongue (t/l swap) and language (b/c you speak a language w/ a long tongue).

3/ Another reason ling derived language is the word linguistics. Also, longleng (length). A+long=along, and be+long=belong.

4/ lig means “bind (w/ a string).” ob (towards) + lig = oblige/obligation. Also root of religion (re = repeatedly, bind your heart to god).

5/ liglily, meaning went from “bind” to “responsible”: liable, rely, ally, liaison (= close relationship).

6/ co (together) + ally = coalition (political allies). Also, liglogloy, so alloy (bind metals), loyallegal. lig also dervied league.