Shu Uesugi

Etymology Notes by chibicode, Part 3

1/ kwa means “what”. Turned into qua: quest and wha: what. Also, questquire (ask for, seek): require, and quirequer: conquer.

2/ quirequisite: acquisition, equisite (carefully sought out, top quality).

3/ qua derived qualis (“how” in Latin): quality. quantus is “how big”: quantity. quotus is “where”: quote.

4/ Grimm’s law covers sound shifts in classic languages. E.g. porperferpropre, all meaning “go thru/forward.”

5/ por (let it go thru): port, report, important - important enough to let it in (im + port). support = sup (from below) + port (carry).

6/ Sport used to be “disport” = dis (away from) + port (entrance ≈ place to go thru).

7/ porpar/pear: appear (it came thru and became visible), transparent (through + appear).

8/ per + mit (send) = permit. perfer: ferry (cross the sea). ferfar: fare ($ to cross). con (everyone) + fer (go) = conference.