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Photos from My Portland Trip

Last weekend, I was in Portland for the first time. I had a few reasons for the visit:

  • Design Week Portland was on from Oct. 4-11.
  • I currently live near San Francisco, where the cost of living is sky-high. I’m unmarried now, but there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to raise my kids here. As of today, Portland is half as cheap (or even less) in terms of housing. Austin and Las Vegas are also my top choices. Berlin would be nice if I manage to get a visa.
  • Portland has some tech companies I admire: Simple, Quickleft (Makers of, and Panic (Makers of Coda and others).
  • Portland has some engineers and designers I admire, and all of whom work remotely. I strongly believe that being remote is the future of work, and Portland seems to attract those who think so too.
  • A round-trip ticket from SF to Portland was $136.

Overall, I really enjoyed Portland. It helped that the weather was nice (Portland is known for gray skies, except for Summer and early Fall). I’m going to share some of the photos I took along the way.

From My Instagram Feed

There were tons of food trucks in downtown. Oregon doesn’t have sales tax, and food was cheaper than San Francisco in general.

According to Wikipedia, Portland apparently stole this slogan from Austin.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters in downtown. The chain was born in Portland and has since expanded to Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles.

Kalé is a Japanese comfort food restaurant. The word “curry” had turned into “Kalé” because that’s how Japanese people pronounce Engrish.

Behind the Museum Cafe is a Japanese-style cafe in downtown. Their manjū was very tasty.

Powell’s is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. Very Portland-esque.

Shigezo is a Japanese tapas restaurant in downtown. Crazy crowded. Food wasn’t bad.

Portland is about 75% white, and some people seem to complain about the lack of diversity. When I walked by this theater at night, I didn’t see a single non-white person in the line.

I went to Bijou Cafe on a Sunday morning for brunch. The waiters were really, really nice.

I participated in a 10-mile bike tour at Pedal Bike Tours. We visited six waterfalls near Columbia River Gorge. More photos later on this post.

One of the shots from the bike tour.

Barista: probably the most hipster-friendly cafe in Portland. I met up with my old design teacher from college here. One of the memorable quotes from him:

Portland is the first city I’ve lived where, when people ask you “what do you do,” they don’t mean “what do you do for living.”

Heart Coffee Roasters. Seriously, there are way too many coffee shops in this town.

Suburban Portland.

The Koi pond in Portland Japanese Garden. More photos later.

I didn’t participate in any of the Design Week events, but I’ve encountered some nice creations near the Design Week HQ on Pioneer Square.

Different color for each day.

Selfie by design.

Design is…

Design is dead.

Design is adventure.

Design is bitchin.

Design never forgets.

Design is a voice.

Design destroys.

Design draws.

Design never goes out of style.

Design celebrates.

Design is sitting on an IKEA couch next to a pop-up shop housed inside a geodesic dome.

Design is heart break.

Design is a rainbow with a hangover.

Nice Camera Photos

You can view the photos on my Flickr. They’re licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Willamette River Park

Downtown Portland

The View from the Place I Stayed

Vista House at Crown Point

Latourell Falls

Shepperd’s Dell

Bridal Veil Falls

Wahkeena Falls

Multnomah Falls (famous one)

Horsetail Falls

Portland Japanese Garden

Thanks for Reading!

I’ll visit Portland again soon.