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React.js links that I visit at least three times when building a new app

Note: This article is to be continually updated, hopefully.

Two years ago, Jeff Atwood of Stackoverflow and Discourse wrote an excellent post called The Rule of Three. You should read it if you haven’t. In the conclusion he says:

To build something truly reusable, you must convince three different audiences to use it thoroughly first.

… We launched Stack Overflow to the public in August 2008. It was such a runaway early hit that I started to get curious whether it actually would work for different audiences, even though that was never the original idea. But we decided to play the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game and take some baby steps to find out. Less than a year later we had Stack Overflow for programmers, Server Fault for system administrators, and Super User for computer power users – the full trilogy. Three sites with three distinct audiences, all humming right along.

… Once we proved that the Stack Overflow engine could scale to these three distinct communities, I was comfortable pursuing Stack Exchange, which is now a network of over 100 community-driven Q&A sites. The programming audience derived assumptions that the engine was originally designed around means it can never scale to all communities – but for communities based on topics that can be understood via questions about science, facts, and data, there is no finer engine in the world.

… So the next time you think “I’ve built a reusable thing!”, stop, and think “how can I find three users, customers, or audiences, to prove that I’ve built something reusable?” instead.

I think we can apply the same idea with bookmarking.

For example, there are tons of links I reference when I’m building a new app. But most of the links are only visited once or twice. So it might make sense for me to just bookmark the ones that I visit at least three times or more, and use Google to re-discover the rest if necessary.

I’m trying this out publicly with React.js apps first. These are the links that I visit at least three times when building a new React.js app.

Note Again: This article is to be continually updated, hopefully.

ES2015 References


Library Documentations

Low Level React Utilities

JS Utilities

Rails Integration

Effects / Animations

  • SpinKit - my go-to loading animation.