Shu Uesugi

Solo: A Single Page Jekyll Theme

I’ve created Solo, a Jekyll theme that only supports single pages.

You might ask: “I thought Jekyll was a blog-aware static site generator. Why would anyone want to use it for a single page website?”

Because there is no way to host a single markdown file on GitHub pages other than using the automatic page generator. The page generator is great, but it also generates a lot of unnecessary stuff (e.g. links to zip/tar files). I just wanted to display, without clutter, the contents of a markdown file. I could have used Gist, but I wanted something prettier.

That’s why I built Solo. I structured its Jekyll code such that, the content of _includes/ is converted to become index.html, which will be served by GitHub pages.

For example, the page for Solo is generated on the fly by this markdown file.

Solo allows you to rapidly create lots of simple single-page websites. Just clone the repo, edit a few files, and push to GitHub. Hope you like it.