#brazil 🇧🇷

Visited Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival week. Attended the Samba Parade and many Blocos (street parties), including the afterparty at Portela Samba School, the 2017 Samba winner. Also visited São Paulo.

This photo of course is the statue of Cristo Redentor. The view from the top of the hill was magnificent.

First night out in Rio with my former colleague Paty. Carnival week is definitely the best time to visit Rio.

Beach party in Rio. Had delicious açaí bowl.

Every subway ride in Rio during the Carnival week was like this.

A typical Bloco (street party) in Rio during the Carnival week.

Parade at Sambódromo. The show was incredible but felt way too long.

Samba Performance by Mocidade. Check out 2:40 for the flying Aladdin. Mocidade won 2nd place.

Results Announcement for Samba 2017. Portela, the samba school close to my friends’ hometown, eked out a victory. According to my friends, the Announcementncer of the scores has been the same guy since forever.

We joined the afterparty at Portela samba school, the winner of 2017 Samba Festival. It was Portela‘s first winning title in 33 years, so everyone partied pretty hard.

Group pic. Will definitely visit Rio again!

Liberdade in São Paulo. It is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan in the world.

At Museum of the Japanese Immigration in Liberdade. Wasaburo Otake developed Brazilian Portuguese-Japanese dictionaries in early 20th century.

Batman’s Alley in Vila Madalena, the hipster neighborhood of São Paulo