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Ian Bremmer's take on South Africa and Nigeria from his latest book "Us vs. Them"

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I just finished Ian Bremmer’s latest book Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism. To me, the most interesting part of the book was chapter 3, where Ian, an acclaimed political scientist, talked about the outlook of the 12 most-important developing economies (according to Ian):

  1. 🇿🇦 South Africa
  2. 🇳🇬 Nigeria
  3. 🇪🇬 Egypt
  4. 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia
  5. 🇧🇷 Brazil
  6. 🇲🇽 Mexico
  7. 🇻🇪 Venezuela
  8. 🇹🇷 Turkey
  9. 🇷🇺 Russia
  10. 🇮🇩 Indonesia
  11. 🇮🇳 India
  12. 🇨🇳 China

In particular, I found Ian’s analysis of the two Sub-Saharan African countries (🇿🇦 South Africa and 🇳🇬 Nigeria) most interesting.

The best quotes from “Factfulness” by Hans Rostling, the book Bill Gates called “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time”

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I just read Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World—and Why Things Are Better Than You Think by the late Hans Rosling, his son Ola Rosling, and his daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Bill Gates called it “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time”. Read his full review here.

Here are some of the quotes I liked (emphasis mine).