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Shu Uesugi

About me & Contact info

Hello! I’m Shu Uesugi, a software engineer based in San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s my contact information:

Latest projects

Looking for a job!

  • I’m mainly looking for a senior engineering position. But I’m also interested in product-leaning positions (product design, PM, DevRel, etc.) for developer-facing products. I’m better at front-end than back-end, but can do both.
  • Location preference: Remote would be ideal. 2nd preference is Los Angeles. I’m currently in SF Bay Area (3rd preference), but my wife and I are looking to relocate to LA or other more affordable places.
  • Other preferences: My last full-time job was in edtech/media, but I’m looking at a wide range of areas. I’m particularly interested in companies that are using AI to solve a problem that doesn’t look like an “AI problem” (see this article). I don’t like doing (and giving) whiteboard/algorithm interviews, but if you ask me to implement Y Combinator on a whiteboard, I think I’ll do well.

Timeline (pre-2017, 2017, 2018, and 2019)

Work experience (pre-2017): I worked as a lead full-stack (Rails) developer at EdSurge, an edtech media startup in Silicon Valley, from 2012 to 2017. I was the first engineering hire and was involved in architecting pretty much all of the projects. Before that, I was a product designer at Quora (2011-2012) and an engineer at Palantir (2010-2011). I studied Computer Science (undergrad) and Human-Computer Interaction (grad) at Carnegie Mellon and won the best teaching assistant award upon graduation.

In 2017: After 4.5 years at EdSurge, I spent almost a year traveling to 36 countries and 94 cities. I met my wife along the way.

In 2018: While working as a freelance engineer in Silicon Valley, I co-translated a book called “Factfulness” (by Hans Rosling and others) into Japanese. It went on sale in 2019 and became one of Japan’s top-selling nonfiction books of the year. It’s a great book - take Bill Gates’s word for it.

Shu Uesugi

In 2019: I spent time marketing the Japanese edition of “Factfulness”, freelancing (Rails dev for small startups), and working on an online course called Y Combinator for Non-programmers. I got married and spent a lot of time with my wife, who moved to the U.S. from Japan. And I’m now looking for a full-time job.

My forte and Interests

Things I’m pretty good at: Expository writing (see my course), React/TypeScript (see this repo and also my TypeScript tutorial series), and learning new things quickly. I’m okay at product design. I’ve also worked with Rails from version 2 to version 6.

Current interests: As a professional EN → JP translator, I’m interested in machine translation and using AI to augment human translators—how can we use AI to enable human translators to produce higher quality translations?